With bunkering bases in more than 20 Mediterranean ports, Getoil has guaranteed the supply of marine fuel for a decade. Our loading bases will provide vessels with all grades of fuel and gas oils, relying on a personalized service delivered in an accurate and timely manner. Through high quality products and staff professionalism, combined with the development and control of the supply chain, Getoil will offer an excellent alternative to your bunkering needs.

Oil Storage

Our technological advanced warehouse which have highly flexible and computerized operating systems, is equipped with large stocking capabilities and numerous tanks. Strategically located in the Northwest of Italy in order to service the south European countries, our warehous is able to offer various degrees of fuel oil with a constant control on quality thanks due to our internal chemical laboratory. Our philosophy is to strive to meet our clients’ needs and we are therefore equipped to offer a custom made service.

Retail Network

Getoil has its own branded service areas where vehicles can refuel. In order to maintain our sustainability philosophy we install solar panels in our retail stores and we sell compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) where possible. The goal for the near future is to consolidate our presence in the region.