We have been distributing petroleum products since our inception in October 2002 and in these years we always diversified our brand in the principal industrial areas of trading in Italy:

  • Bunkering fuels
  • Heating and industry fuels
  • Motor fuels

We have established major bases in the Mediterranean with the objective to extend our sales network.
Through our dynamic approach, we constantly dialogue with the market to better understand its demands and anticipate its future needs.

Our value added is to provide a dynamic, flexible and personalized service for those who choose us. We constantly seek innovation and technological advancement.

And last but not least, Getoil acknowledges that:

There is one source of energy
which is more important than all others:

We consider the relationship between our teams and our customers one of our principal areas of excellence. Consequently, we carefully train our staff at all levels to strive and provide the utmost measures of safety and customers satisfaction.